Chloe & Brian Winter Wedding in the OC

This is wedding is extra special to me! My adorable cousin, Chloe asked me to be her bridesmaid AND her wedding planner… don’t worry – I didn’t do it alone! I had my incredible Tasteful Team there running the show so I could be a bridesmaid ;-) I included some shots of me doing my bridesmaid thing, which you will probably never see on here again haha so soak it up!

Chloe and Brian have incredible style and such a unique taste, so we definitely wanted to incorporate their love of music and television throughout the day. I feel like the element that encapsulates this the most is through the photography. Photographers, Joe+Kathrina nailed it! The moody, feels like a band cover or a marketing campaign for the next Downton Abbey is TOTALLY them and I love it! Chloe goes into more detail about this later on in the post where she gives advice to brides who are in the planning stages of their wedding.

I was able to check in with Chloe post wedding to get her advice and tips from experience to share with you guys! This is what she had to say:

  1. Get a coordinator! It will save you so much time and money and honestly save so much grief throughout the planning process.
  2. Really plan out all that you have to do. Make a big list and then section off every “to do” by time and month it should be completed leading up to your wedding. Make your partner help in the planning process as well – don’t put all the stress on yourself! Maybe suggest some ideas to them or ask what they would enjoy helping plan – this will help in the long run!
  3. Find what makes you and your partner unique and find a way to incorporate that into your wedding. For example: we love music. We found a way to incorporate some of our favorite fun/love songs or songs that were special to us and our relationship by assigning each table one of these songs, and when that song started to play, that was their cue to join the buffet.
  4. Remember to have fun! Don’t let the planning process stress you out too much!

Planning & Design: Tasteful Tatters // Photography: Joe+Kathrina // Florals: Petal Floral // DJ: Wareform Events // Invitations & Paper Products: Minted //  Venue: Heritage Museum of Orange County 

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