Wellness with Jasmyn Alana

Hey there friends! I am SOO excited to share this next installment of Tasteful Wellness with you all. Today’s interview is with Jasmyn Alana and fun fact – I went to high school and played soccer with Jasmyn waaaaay back when! It has been so fun to watch her journey post high school from afar and I am beyond impressed with the business and mindset she has created for herself, her family and her clients. I just KNEW she would be such a great person to share wisdom to you all on wellness! I hope you enjoy her interview as well as her FREEBIE at the end!!

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Core Values & Shame with Julie Caruso of Alchemy Coaches

Hi Julie, we’re so excited to have you here today! Can you tell us a little about your job / what you do?
I coach people through transitions- professionally and personally. Change, both good and bad is situational and happens in a blink of an eye. Transitions are psychological and happen over a longer period of time- and they require support!  Non-judgmental, agenda-free, space holding, support. My coaching work is about holding that space and supporting clients, to ensure they have a successful transition. I coach clients through a core value clarification process. And I am talking CORE VALUES. We locate your top two values. Yes, two.  We “KonMari” our way through everything that you are “suppose to” value, that you “should” value, that other people “would like” you to value. We locate YOUR true blue, brings-you-so-much-joy values. Then the fun starts and we get to work on what living into those values looks like for you. 

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Tasteful Wellness: Meet Modern Shaman – Olivia Weil

It’s time for a little wellness, dontcha think?? Our last Tasteful Wellness post was full of tips on how to navigate the world of financial planning. Dollas and cents. Since then we’ve shared some pretty weddings and some holiday cocktail recipes! With the holidays quickly approaching and wedding planning in full swing for all our spring couples – I figured we should switch gears a little bit.

And switch gears… we did! Today you are going to meet the lovely Olivia Weil – a modern day shaman. Yup, you heard that right. Now regardless of whatever imagery of a “shaman” you may have in your head right now – throw it out. I encourage you to have an open mind because this gal is smart as a whip and has SOOO much insight and down right practical advice for literally any human. I’m sure many of you have a therapist, some of you may have an acupuncturist who can tell how your feeling emotionally based off looking at your tongue, more of you have probably met with a nutritionist at one point of another, and I’m sure a few of you have hired a life coach at some time in your life. Based on my conversations and emails with Olivia – I feel like practically speaking – she could literally be all of these (and more) wrapped up into one beautiful soul who can literally make you feel at ease by listening to her voice.  She has such a cool story and I cannot wait for you guys to read our interview!

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Can 36 Questions Lead to Love?

The New York Times posted an article back in 2015 about falling in love and intimacy, that a former bride sent my way a few months back. We were talking about the fact that more and more couples are getting married by dear friends and family rather than a Rabbi, Pastor, or Priest. Which is great! But what happens is they often aren’t doing the traditional premarital classes/counseling that those officiants require to have them do your nuptials. We weren’t commenting on whether this is good or bad… it was more of a concept we noticed and wondered if couples felt as prepared before saying “I Do” as they did in the past having gone through some type of counseling. With the rising divorce rate… I was curious if it was at all related and how couples were feeling before taking that next step. Prepared? Or not? We discussed some ideas on what couples could do to deepen their relationship or go over important topics together without their officiant and what that would look like. That’s when she sent me the article.

The author, Daniel Jones, goes onto to reference a study by Psychologist Arthur Aron that considered whether intimacy/love between a couple could be accelerated by asking a series of questions of each other. Sounds simple, right? Obviously the study is based on a mutual understanding of vulnerability and honestly between both parties. Otherwise, I’m assuming it wouldn’t work. But what an interesting concept! In a world filled with dating profiles (that you can meticulously plan out and edit) and so much of our communication rooted in texting… the idea of sitting across from a partner, looking into their eyes and being incredibly vulnerable seems really intense… but isn’t that what we should be doing anyways? That’s my opinion… but the question is are we actually doing this? I would argue that many are not. Or not enough.

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Financial Planning for Your Future: Tasteful Wellness Series

Boy do we have a treat for you guys today! As the first installment of our new Tasteful Wellness series, we are bringing you all the best tips for financial planning and your financial success as a new couple.

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