To do a First Look or Not

One of the most commonly asked questions from our brides is, should we do a first look or not? They ask our advice – because they want to know what will make their day better/run smoother/best photo op… and we definitely have our opinions, but ultimately, the couple has to pick what works best for THEM. We can run a wedding with a first look or not – no problem. But what happens is, couples don’t think about it until they are closer to the date, and then they feel like they just want to ask us what we want. So plan ahead – ask people who did it, and who didn’t. See what experience you want for your big day. And just for you, we put together a little pro/con list based on our weddings and what our couples have said!

For those of you wondering what a first look is, we’ll start there before we move into the pros and cons.

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So you’re thinking about a Food Truck…

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Food trucks are a wonderful addition to any cocktail hour or reception, as this can be a fast, fun and diverse way to serve your guests up some great food. It is an easy option because you tell them where and when you want them and they take care of all the logistics. We want to make sure your special day goes off with out a hitch, so here are a few things to consider before signing on the dotted line!

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Bride + Gals Coffee Sleeve Freebie


I’m always on the hunt for little details that I can bring with me on a wedding day to surprise my brides or just little details to bless them and their families like leaving little tissue boxes on the moms & grandma’s seats, or putting a special little something on their sweetheart table. But when I saw these adorable coffee sleeves from I just could not keep the pretty all to myself! I just had to share with you all. Especially those of you who are maid of honors or bridesmaids this upcoming wedding season – how cool would it be to show up with the coffee order all dressed up in these cuties?! So, you’re welcome! Be sure to check out all the other fun over at Elli’s adorable blog filled with DIY’s tutorials, and other cute freebies. To download your own sleeves – head on over to her post HERE and enjoy!

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