Oh Hey Girl 2016!

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I know it’s already April, but the ladies and I over at OHG have officially launched our 2016 Dates!! If you’re sitting there like, what the heck is OHG? Are they talking about Ryan Gosling Memes? Let me back up and re-introduce this incredible project with you: (Scroll all the way down for the next date!)

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Oh Hey Girl, Los Angeles

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Oh Hey Girl.

Eight months ago we did our first trial OHG Experience quietly, three friends, giggly and excited and we had no idea what we were doing. The following month we did another one, more girls, complete strangers to each other, even better than the first. Then we finally announced this little project of ours.

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Oh Hey Girl.

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I’m so incredibly nervous to share this post with you all today! It’s rare that I start a project and keep it under wraps for SO long haha. But that same nervousness is also full of excitement because I just know you all are going to love what I have in store for you. Continue Reading…

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