Unicorn Bridal Shower Bash

Ever since I dyed my hair purple for my 30th, I’ve been on this unicorn kick. So much so, that’s it’s become contagious. My lovely assistant caught the unicorn bug and dyed her hair pink. And that’s when the obsession took hold. We started dreaming up a party that involved the unicorn theme… but we really didn’t want something that felt like a little girls 7th bday party, ya know the vibe. Not too little girl… but just enough sparkle to make anyone relive their Lisa Frank days haha. Turns out that is a fine line. The result was the ultimate Unicorn Bridal Shower Brunch; filled with sophisticated mimosas, desserts that sparkle and a full on candy filled cake. Because… cake is always a good idea. We teamed up with some amazing vendors to pull this off, so be sure to scroll through to the end to check them out!

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Gold Crown DIY

A couple weeks ago, I turned 30. I wasn’t super stoked about the concept. So I tried to embrace this new chapter by dying my hair purple and wearing a sparkly crown basically all week haha. Then, it was my wonderful associate’s birthday – so I made her a crown… and then I thought, I’d share how insanely easy these crowns are to make. They would be so cute for a bachelorette party or a bridal shower as a craft or take home for your guests!

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The Easiest Cake Recipe You’ve Ever Tried!

It’s my birthday today, so I thought what better way to celebrate than with a gorgeous (and easy!) cake recipe for you all! Today’s post comes from our newest contributor – Chloe from Bloom & Beam Floral Co. This cake is for real delish guys – I hope you try it out!

When it comes to the world of baking, there’s nothing more classic than a well crafted cake. And truthfully, we’ve had our eyes set on naked cakes for quite awhile now. The raw edges and defined layers portrays a perfectly undone feel, that obviously leaves us drooling. Apart from looks, baking a delicious cake starts with intentional ingredients and boy oh boy do we have one of best kept secrets up our sleeve !

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How to Throw the Sweetest Galentines Brunch

It’s no surprise I love Valentine’s Day. I hand make cards for friends practically every year for as long as I can remember. Anyways, throwing a party for my girls is probably my favorite part of Valentines… or should I say Galentines! This year, instead of a candlelit seven course dinner ending in chocolate… I gathered a dream team to pull off the prettiest and sweetest (as in baked goods) brunch you ever did see!

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Breakfast In Bed Valentine Style

Alright, I’m calling all the ladies out today. This is  your Valentine’s Day (or week or whatever) challenge. I love this holiday, but I don’t necessary love the commercialized expectations it holds. Why are flowers expected today… why not randomly on a day where you just want to brighten a loved ones day? Doesn’t that feel more real? Of course it does. But I love the reminder to do a little something extra. Not because you have to. Because you want to. That being said… why is it always on the guy. C’mon ladies – let’s show our partners some love this year with a little sweet + savory breakfast in bed!

Side note: I ate everything at this shoot and it’s all truly delicious! Also… that’s me modeling with my cute hubby ;-)

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