Take Back The Night Summer Cocktail

Hola friends! I know it’s been a little silent over here the past couple weeks… could you hear the crickets chirping? We were crazy busy preparing our first destination wedding in Mexico!!!! And then we were actually there all week, so things were NUTS in the Tasteful Tatters studio. But we’re BAAAACK! And we have sooo much content for you, I can hardly handle my excitement. First up – my fav new cocktail recipe that my dear friend accurately named, “Take Back the Night!”

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Unicorn Bridal Shower Bash

Ever since I dyed my hair purple for my 30th, I’ve been on this unicorn kick. So much so, that’s it’s become¬†contagious. My lovely assistant caught the unicorn bug and dyed her hair pink. And that’s when the obsession took hold. We started dreaming up a party that involved the unicorn theme… but we really didn’t want something that felt like a little girls 7th bday party, ya know the vibe. Not too little girl… but just enough sparkle to make anyone relive their Lisa Frank days haha. Turns out that is a fine line. The result was the ultimate Unicorn Bridal Shower Brunch; filled with sophisticated mimosas, desserts that sparkle and a full on candy filled cake. Because… cake is always a good idea. We teamed up with some amazing vendors to pull this off, so be sure to scroll through to the end to check them out!

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How to Throw the Sweetest Galentines Brunch

It’s no surprise I love Valentine’s Day. I hand make cards for friends practically every year for as long as I can remember. Anyways, throwing a party for my girls is probably my favorite part of Valentines… or should I say Galentines! This year, instead of a candlelit seven course dinner ending in chocolate… I gathered a dream team to pull off the prettiest and sweetest (as in baked goods) brunch you ever did see!

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Hosting A Holiday Bar


We’ve all been there. You’re the one hosting the holiday/winter party this year and you’re stumped when it comes to the bar. The menu is all set. You know you want something that pairs with the food. But also something that is fun and bubbly. And what about for those whiskey lovers? Great. Now you’re going to end up spending more on drinks than on the food itself! And who just has 12 different bitters laying around to make the “perfect pinterest cocktail?” – I sure don’t! These are the questions that always plague me. When hosting any sort of get together. So I put together a cocktail menu of 3 very different cocktails that are SUPER easy to make. Minimal ingredients. And ALL your guests will love. Also, they won’t break the bank! I had such a great time collaborating on these with Corey of Miss Foodie Problems – be sure to check out her incredible food blog¬†for even more delish inspirations!

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Vanilla Bean Lavender Whiskey


I love cocktails. Love making them, love drinking them, love sharing them with my friends. When my dear friend Marlene came up with the cocktail using my favorite – whiskey I practically squealed with happiness. She is such a genius. She was inspired by things that I always have at my house : whiskey (duh), lavender, and citrus. An unlikely pairing you might be thinking… but, it is oh SO good. Even if you aren’t a whiskey drinker – you will love this! It is probably the perfect “end of summer, beginning of fall” cocktail. That’s right. You heard it here first.

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