Galentines Day Cocktails & Donuts

If you’ve been a reader of this blog for any period of time, you may know already that I LOVE Galentines Day… aptly named by Leslie Knope of Parks & Rec – a day to love on your ladies celebrated the day before Valentines Day. For me… I like to keep the essence of this day all month long – why keep it held up on 1 day alone?! With the help of the ever – fabulous MissFoodieProblems, we’ve made a bit of a tradition to put together some fun inspiration + cocktail recipes (cuz, duh) for you guys so you have some ideas on how to love on your gal pals this Feb (and all year long!)

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Holiday Rum Remix Cocktails

It’s that time of year again! My favorite time, really. Your tree is up, the garland is hung, your wreath is adorned with a big red bow. It’s the holidays. And when it’s the holidays… there are holiday parties. And when there are parties… there are cocktails. And I’m where the cocktails are at! Truth is, I’m usually at home… making my cocktails, but that’s another story!

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How To Slay Valentines Day (Hint: Man Not Required)

Hey there lovely. Yeah you – I’m looking at you, girl! Guess what? It’s almost Valentine’s Day… and no… I’m not here to give you date ideas or make you feel bad for not having a man on this completely made up holiday. I’m here to tell you that you are a badass. You are beautiful. You are awesome. And so are your girlfriends. So you should throw on some lipstick and dress up (or not – a red lip in sweats is just as fab) and grab your ladies and make a cocktail and tell each other how much you love them. Because that’s what GALENTINES is all about.

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Bring on that Holiday Cheer

With the holidays just around the corner (as in starting tomorrow!) I know everyone is busy prepping their menus for Thanksgiving and then the inevitable string of holiday parties that will follow… but we can’t forget about the cocktails!! If you’re anything like me, you’re spending just as much time trying to figure out the perfect pairing of whiskey for your turkey. Just me? Okay :-) I gathered my fav girls and tested out my newest holiday cocktails on them and the verdict is in – they were a hit! Scroll through to save all the recipes so you can make your own at your next holiday dinner – you’re guests will thank you!

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Kombucha Margaritas

If you know me at all, you know I love myself a cocktail. What I love more, is creating new cocktails! I’m always dreaming up something different. Sometimes they are a total flop – but sometimes they are deeelish!

Now, switching gears to my hubby. He loves cocktails just as much as the next guy, but he loves kombucha. Love loves. He even makes his own! Which is actually a crazy cool process. It’s like we have a science project growing in our fridge haha. Anyways, the other day while I was literally melting away because it was so hot, and I wanted to make some popsicles to cool down. The problem was, I didn’t really have anything around the house to make them with. Except a bottle of my husband’s kombucha!

Now, in case you read popsicles and cocktails and you’re already jumping up to make something alcoholic frozen – it should be noted that alcohol won’t completely freeze. At least not the way a normal juice/yogurt/whatever popsicle will. That’s not all bad, but just something to consider. I enjoy making cocktails and then using a non alcoholic popsicle as a spoon/mixer if you will.

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