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On Feb 21st, 1987 sometime in the middle of afternoon, I was born in Anaheim California. I know it was midday because my whole life I’ve been told the story about how my mom went into labor while my Grandpa was at Home Depot (his favorite place in the world) and when he heard the news, his response was, “no baby is ever born in the middle of the day.” Basically stating that he was in no rush to leave his excursion. Because, you know, babies always come at like 3 in the morning haha. So, naturally, always wanting to prove someone wrong – even at the early age of unborn, I came in the middle of the day.

Flash forward to February 21, 2017. I am now 30 years old. Rory and Loreli came back to television. I’ve been married for almost 6 years (woah). I am a loving dog-mom (ahem obnoxious dog-mom). Still live in California. A reality star is now our President. I can’t live off of m&m’s & latte’s like I used to. I’m lactose intolerant now. I’ve been to 7 different countries. Bad tequila gives me heartburn. I own my own successful business…. And feel a bit lost. There was something about turning 30 that all of a sudden made me feel all this pressure. I should be here career wise. I should be there financially. I should be waaaaay thinner. Hello, I was so fit in High School… how did that happen? And where did these lines on my face come from. I have to have it all figured out. Today. Oy with the poodles already.

That’s where this hunky guy comes in. He planned a super surprise. Super not like me surprise. Get away from your phone and the rest of all living things sort of bday adventure. He planned, along with my dearest friends, a camping trip in Joshua Tree. To just let go. Be free so to speak. Now, I’m not really a camper. It’s one of those things I want to be good at. Like eating salads. Or running marathons… or just running. I would love to be good at those things, but I’m just not. But I’m learning. My friends know this, so they added a little “emilee” to our trip. First of all, there were tassels everywhere and a giant unicorn balloon. TONS OF WINE. And I didn’t have to cook a thing. That was probably more for them than for me haha. Custom T-shirts. And no agenda. Just be. And I think that’s what I really needed most. Every day I’m trying to do more. Be this and be that. It was so great to just be surrounded by people that love me. I know this because it was balls freezing at night and they actually stayed the whole time. That’s love. But I digress…. people who love me, and people I can just be me with. If that makes any sense. It’s so refreshing to just be yourself. Who knew? It was a magical weekend and has really got me thinking ever since we got back. Spending time with people is so important. Sometimes it’s hard for me, and I feel exhausted just thinking about having to do my hair. But it is rejuvenating and reminds me where I can from and where I want to go. My friends help me dream. Sitting in front of a computer doesn’t do that.

That’s Nate cooking for us. He’s the greatest.

Anyways, I don’t know if you’ve ever felt like me. Felt a little lost. Needing the pressure to dissipate. Needing to dream more. Needing to break the routine. If you are, know that you’re not alone. If you’re scared of turning 30. It’s all good. I survived. I even went camping! If you keep your friends close, those feelings will fade away. I promise. I still don’t know what to do about my wrinkles, or what’s next for my business. It’s not like I came back and all of a sudden had it all figured out. But it didn’t feel like pressure anymore. It was going to all get worked out. I hope that’s an encouragement to you. It really was for me. And I am just overcome with thankfulness for those who I am humbled to call friends. I don’t know how I tricked them. But I got them now and I’m never letting go. Okay, so that’s what’s been on my heart since Feb 22nd, 2017 and I wanted to share with you. I also have about a bazillion photos from our trip from Joe+Kathrina who captured our weekend so perfectly. They are my fav, so check them out.

I know, they are the best in the whole world. I love them.


  1. love this post so hard. do more of this. this was all for you because you are so loved – for all your tassel loving, wine drinking, purple hair because i can ways, know that always.

  2. Ayla Brown says

    So wonderful!!! Happy 30th! I like to think 30 is just the beginning to many great adventures in life but your post totally hits home! I’m so thankful for you and your sweet soul!

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