Bring on that Holiday Cheer

With the holidays just around the corner (as in starting tomorrow!) I know everyone is busy prepping their menus for Thanksgiving and then the inevitable string of holiday parties that will follow… but we can’t forget about the cocktails!! If you’re anything like me, you’re spending just as much time trying to figure out the perfect pairing of whiskey for your turkey. Just me? Okay :-) I gathered my fav girls and tested out my newest holiday cocktails on them and the verdict is in – they were a hit! Scroll through to save all the recipes so you can make your own at your next holiday dinner – you’re guests will thank you!

It was so much fun collaborating with Corey of MissFoodieProblems again this year on new cocktail recipes! Do you guys remember what we created last year? We had a fun roundup for sure, but this year I feel like we took it to a whole other level. But I’ll let you be the judge! Try one or try them all and let us know which cocktail is your fav in the comments below.

Bad Santa (left): 1.5oz Cherry Brandy, 1.5oz gin, 3oz sparkling wine, 3/4oz sherry bourbon, sprig of rosemary twisted and dropped in glass for garnish

Jingle Juice (right): Aka Holiday Sangria: 3 chopped apples, 1/4cup pomegranate seeds, 4 cups apple cider, 1 cup bourbon, 1 bottle sparkling wine. Put apples, seeds, cider, and whiskey in a large pitcher – cover and let sit overnight. Add bottle of sparkling wine to pitcher and serve over ice

Sleigh Ride (left): 1.5oz gin, 3/4oz triple sec, 3/4oz creme de violette, 3/4oz fresh lemon juice, orange peel, sparkling wine. Combine all ingredients in shaker with ice and pour into coupe. Twist the orange peel over drink to express oil and save for garnish on rim.

Santa’s Little Helper (right): 1.5oz sherry bourbon, 1.5oz rosemary simple syrup, 1.5oz fresh lemon juice, sparkling apple soda, bitters. Stir together bourbon, lemon, syrup. Add ice. Top off with apple soda then dash with bitters.

Special shoutout to the lovely peeps over at Belle Meade for sponsoring this project with their incredible bourbon and sherry – they were the perfect ingredient for our holiday drinks!

Photography: Simply Adri Photography // Wardrobe Styling: Sabrina Bird 

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