Bridesmaids Gifts That Do More :: Part 1

Last month I had the coolest opportunity. I got to partner with TOMS and my local Optometrist, Dr Gore O.D. in Pasadena, CA. I offered my services in helping them plan a huge Anniversary event where they showcase their most popular optical brands with crazy sales, food, face painting, music, Photo Booth, etc. So fun, right? Well, we decided to take that one step further and highlight one of their newest brands, TOMS Eyewear. TOMS is not new. In fact, I’m sure most of you at one time or another stood in a line for 2 hours for an annual factory sale for TOMS shoes (you know who you are!) TOMS has this awesome one-for-one model where every pair of shoes purchased, another is donated to a child in need. And now, they have a similar model for eyesight. YES. I said eyesight. Every time TOMS eyewear is purchased, they give sight through a 15 min surgery for a child who cannot see. NOT only that, but they give free eye exams as well as glasses to those in need. Something so simple, yet so life changing to a young child. Now, I have terrible vision. I’ve been wearing glasses since 6th grade. I seriously don’t know how I could function without gaining my eyesight. I couldn’t own my business… I for sure couldn’t blog!


After working with the team at Dr. Gore’s office- I thought to myself. I wonder how many people know about this one-for-one model for eyewear?? Better yet… I wonder how many BRIDES know about it? Brides end up spending so much money on their big day.. and then it’s over. And yes, of course they are married now and that will be an adventure for the rest of their lives. And yes, they will forever have their wedding photos, and for some, their wedding video. But, how awesome would it be to know that one or a few of your purchases went much further than just your wedding day? It can literally change a person’s life.  I loved the idea. What if a bride took all her ladies sunglass shopping (they could all match, or they could all rock their unique style) for the big day. The new TOMS sunnies are their official Bridesmaid gift – but not only that – each one of those purchased will give sight to a child in need. SO COOL! And you can bet that your ladies will for sure be rocking their new shades again and again after the wedding day. Not as much can be said for their dress, I can guarantee that!





I get asked ALL the time by clients, “What should I get my bridal party for a gift?” or ” What do most people get their bridesmaids? A necklace to wear? All matching clutches?” And there is nothing wrong with any or all of these options. I would just like to open up the discussion of doing MORE with your obligatory “thank-you-so much-for-donating-so-much-time-and-energy-into-helping-me-pull-off-my-wedding” gift =)



So we put together a bride and her maids shopping for the perfect sunnies for the big day to show you just how fun the experience can be! I mean, we don’t really have to persuade ladies to shop, right? But this gives you a little insight to TOMS as a brand, and a peek into the killer inventory they offer! Sorry for only bringing up the ladies so far (habit) but you can also get your groomsmen some pretty sick frames as well. We brought some boys along (for the muscle, obvi) and they ended up having just as much fun as the girls trying on all the inventory.

Here’s this for an idea – take your entire bridal party out for an outing picking out their oh-so-not-traditional-yet-so-so-cool bridal party gifts and then have everyone go bowling or out to eat after so everyone can get to know each other before the big day??






I hope you feel inspired to do more with the money you are already spending on your big day. Or if your wedding has long since past (like me) maybe think of picking up a new pair of shades that will do so much more than protect your eyes in the sun and make you look super fly =) It’s so amazing the difference a pair of opticals or sunnies can do in a child’s life.

Be sure to stay tuned for Part 2 (and a giveaway!) tomorrow

**Note: for opticals, TOMS only sells with private optical doctor’s offices (no Costo, Lens Crafters, Wal-Mart, etc)  so if you’re local, be sure to check out Dr. Gore’s office in Pasadena for a huge selection of frames as well as sunglasses. Him and his team are seriously the BEST

Special thanks so my killer models who spent the whole day with us playing around and being silly in the crazy heat!


Photography: Joe+Kathrina // Hair & Makeup: Elegance By Alex

(TOMS did not solicit or pay me to write this post) I just love the concept so much I had to share

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