Bridesmaid Gifts That Do More Part 2


Yesterday I spoke out about Bridesmaid gifts and ways to do MORE with those gifts and how you can change someone’s life through the gift of sight – by simply purchasing a gift for your bridal party by partnering with TOMS. Seriously cool stuff. Even if sunglasses aren’t your thing, I hope it inspires you to simply do more with the money you are already spending on your wedding day. There are so many cool resources out there for you. After my post, the owner of The Blacksheep Bride reached out to me letting me know about their vast online resources for Brides looking to do just that! I just love social media and how it connects us all =) Be sure to check out their site for more inspiring ways to do more with your wedding beyond the actual day, and make a difference in the world.



With that being said, I would like to share ways that you can feel comfortable in your own skin on your wedding day AND do more with with your purchases. Are you the gal that wears her adorable specs on a daily basis? Are your glasses part of your own personal style? At the same time, do you feel like it’s impossible to wear glasses on your wedding day…because, well, no one does? That’s how I felt. I work in the industry for goodness sake and I NEVER saw brides rocking their signature frames on their wedding day. It just didn’t seem like the place to wear glasses. And to be honest (5 years ago) there wasn’t a great selection of great frames to actually wear on your wedding day that looked “wedding appropriate” – no wire frames here honey! But since my LAST POST



on this topic – so many cool, chic wedding style frames are popping up all over! And guess what? TOMS is one of them! They have such an amazing collection of frames that can be used for optical or sunglasses – perfect for your wedding day. How fun would it be to have you and your man, and your entire bridal party rocking frames (optical or sunnies) on your wedding day?! I think it would definitely make for some adorable photos!



So, if you wear glasses on the daily and that’s what you feel most comfortable in – why opt to go frameless on your wedding day? You should feel your most confident beautiful self on your wedding day and if that means wearing glasses – then you SHOULD! Be bold, be confident and don’t do something just because everyone else is doing it. Be the trendsetter. I promise you won’t forget it.





And in the spirit of being bold and doing more with our purchases, I thought it would be fun to do a little giveaway!! Knowing that not ALL my readers wear glasses, I decided to do a sunglasses giveaway (you shouldn’t be left out just because you have perfect vision – but know that I am eternally jealous of your genes!) One lucky reader will receive that adorable white (with lace inside) sunny to rock on their wedding day (pictured above)! If you are not a bride – you can enter for a friend/daughter/sister who is getting married. These are a $200 retail value! I will be picking the winner this Friday afternoon! Below are the RULES:

To enter: you must first like Andrew Gore O.D on Facebook (they were the ones that I purchased the TOMS from and who co-sponsored this Giveaway!). Next, you must like Tasteful Tatters on Facebook OR follow @TastefulTatters on Instagram. Then, come back here and leave a comment telling us what makes you feel the most comfortable, confident, most beautiful YOU and who you are entering for. If you retweet, re-post, or link back to the blog – you will be entered a 2nd time!!

** Some of you may be thinking… if the purchase on the frames is supposed to go to help someone in need – but these are just being given away … how does that work. Don’t worry! I purchased the TOMS for you guys, so the proceeds are still giving sight to someone!! #oneforone

Photography: Joe+Kathrina

MAU: Elegance By Alex

Bride & Groom models: Husband & Wife duo over at Maker & Meadow


  1. My “special friend” makes me feel beautiful inside and out.
    Just knowing his view about women (very John Legend esque)
    Knowing that he is accepting of me, the way I am, helps me to be me :)

  2. Lauren French says

    The thing that makes me feel the most comfortable and confident me is when I am well rested and refreshed to start my day. The best feeling is waking up content in my relationships and knowing the love from my family, fiancé and friends is unconditional. I am entering this for every woman who ever feels ugly, you are not alone, but having a super cute pair of sunglasses and the love of good people could change your day :)

  3. Cristal Porter says

    I love that this is something we can gift to a bride to be!

    First, I feel most comfortable, confident, and beautiful when I stop caring what other people think. It can plague my ability to truly enjoy the things that make me happy.

    As for who I’m entering for, her name is Briana Gann. She is getting married this November. I would love nothing more than to bless her with these!

    Sorry for always entering your contests-haha!


  4. What makes me feel beautiful, comfortable and confident is when I see flowers blooming outside, because we are just like the flowers blooming into something beautiful. This is probably why I love frag flowers around me.

    I would like to win these for a close friend of mine that is getting married next month.

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