Costa Rica Recap


Well, I’m officially back from the most amazing vacation ever to Costa Rica and back in full work mode! And while I miss the tropical paradise that I called home for a couple weeks, I’m happy to be  home and back to work. I really do love what I do and I think that’s the ultimate dream, right? Now, I’ve gotten quite a few request from friends and readers asking if I had any tips and recommendations, so I thought I’d put everything on here to share with you lovelies. I’m no travel expert, but I did learn a few things this time around and I’m happy to share!

First of all, YES we went during the “rainy season” and NO it wasn’t pouring rain all day everyday and miserable =) Unlike California rain. The rain we experienced (early Sept) was not everyday and didn’t start until about 5-6pm when it did. And it was a warm rain. More thunder and lightening than pouring rain. I thought it was totally awesome to be perfectly honest! One thing I learned though – apparently the water is crystal clear during the high season (Jan, Feb, March), and the water was a bit murkier for us. But we still snorkeled and it seemed fine to me!

We stayed in a small town called Uvita, located in the Southwest region of Puntarenas, Costa Rica. Super close to several beaches and waterfalls. 1 hour from epic surfing, zip lines, and mangrove tours. Several high end restaurants and several local places that are super yummy! (more on those later!) We rented the most amazing home from Airbnb. We stayed for 11 days. Which was perfect for adventuring and beaching (snorkel/surf) 1 day, and then relaxing and beaching (swimming & reading & napping) in between. It was a great fit for us.

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Real Wedding: Bryan & Penny

I just love Bryan & Penny’s story. A friend recently told me how lucky I must be that I get to hear all these amazing love stories and that I should share them with the world. I guess when you work in the industry you forget that these are love stories… not just clients, or “my October Event.” They are individual love stories that have transformed two people’s lives. And simultaneously, the other lives that they themselves touch. It hit me then, how truly lucky I am to be apart of it – even if in a small way – making their wedding day look good and run smoothly.


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Color Block Garden Tools DIY


This DIY is so unbelievably easy it’s not even funny. And with summer coming to a close – my garden tools were looking pretty dingy and beat up. I was thinking they needed a little sprucing up =) Like fun new purple garden tools!

What You’ll Need:

garden tools with wooden handles (I got mine at the Dollar Store) // plastic bag // spray paint (I prefer Design Master)

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Tasteful Tatters + TOMS

I”m so excited to announce that I have partnered with a local (Pasadena) Optometry Office – Dr. Gore! and TOMS! You guys know about TOMS, right?! For every eyewear purchased, TOMS gives sight to a child in need – whether that’s through eye surgery or prescriptions, so so cool.

We’re celebrating the 9 year anniversary of Dr. Gore’s practice as well as their partnership with TOMS. Dr. Gore’s office is one of the few private practices that offer’s the exclusive one for one model – TOMS eyewear. And we’re throwing a party! There will be music, a raffle, Photo Booth, and an exclusive look at TOMS eyewear – including tons of discounts on other brands eyewear and sunglasses offered by Dr. Gore! Did I mention, a GIANT RAFFLE BASKET? I’ll let you in on a little secret… 1 of the many gifts includes a 1 hour ice cream making class by none other than the famous Carmela’s Creamery!!

Now, for the extra cool part. For every pair of TOMS eyewear purchased at the event, you’ll get a FREE case that you can decorate yourself. There will be tons of crafts supplies and special TOMS artists there to assist you! It’s going to be a blast! So mark your calendars and I hope to see you there!

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Dollar Store Trash Bin DIY

Now, I must admit this title sounds a little lame/depressing. Trash bins aren’t the most glorious things to think about, am I right? I mean, it’s for trash. But today, I’m going to share how to turn a boring little trash bin into a cute decorative storage space for your office!

What You’ll Need:


Metal Trash Bin, Spray Paint, Lace (or ribbon, yard, fabric, etc), plastic bag

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