Show Them Some Love Bridal Party Gift Guide

It’s your big day and every one is here to celebrate with you, but it’s important not to forget to shower your bridal party with some love too! There are so many unique and cool ideas out there to help you narrow down to that perfect gift. Here are some of our favorites!

First up, some gift ideas for your Bridesmaids:

There’s nothing like having matching “getting ready” robes to set the tone for the day and for beautiful photos with you and your ladies.


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Hey friends! Welcome to the brand spankin’ new Tasteful Tatters blog & website! Eek! We are so excited to share this little corner of the interwebs with you all. If you haven’t checked out the main site yet – you should definitely peruse around. We have updated our services (to offer more for our brides!), have bios for the entire team, and incredible reviews from our favorite people ever – our brides! I sort of feel like I have been re-decorating my living room since January and today is the first day I’m inviting friends over. Do you know the feeling? It has been such a labor of love and I am so proud, nervous, excited… all the feels.

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Real Wedding: Jill & Joe

I’m so excited to share with you my first post of 2015! You may remember from last year – I posted that I not only wanted to share photos and details from my past brides, but I also wanted to simply share their love stories. I have an incredible opportunity to be surrounded by so much love in what I do and I wanted to share that positivity in my blog and social media outlets. So today is all about Jill & Joe and their adorable love story and their epic wedding last Fall.

Jill was maybe hands down one of my easiest brides last year. And Joe was hands down the coolest groom ever. I seriously was always laughing with these two! Jill was SO laid back about everything and Joe just wanted his good ol’ southern bbq and a family style atmosphere. Those were his only requests. I seriously LOVED working with them! And what I loved even more was their adorable love story. I feel like Jill and I were a bit alike. We were planners. We were organized. And we took charge of things. So when she was planning a special trip for the two of them, the whole thing being her idea and all – she never would have guessed that the whole trip was actually part of Joe’s proposal… I’ll let you hear it from the bride herself =)

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Joe and I met 6 years ago at a mutual friends house party. One of my best friends Chris introduced us… and he was hoping to play matchmaker… I wasn’t really looking for a relationship. Fast forward a couple months… and a group of us all go out to dinner for Chris’s birthday… and Joe and I started talking and we just clicked. On our first official date he asked me if I wanted to go out for shots after work before I was leaving on a family vacation…

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Gift Guide for Your Besties

Or your sister, clients, gal pals, really all the ladies in your life will most likely gush over one or all of these items! I know I would squeal with delight with one of these if it was under the tree (hint, hint Mr. H).  All of these are small, local businesses (to CA) and no one is paying me to share this post. I just truly believe in these products and love supporting small businesses as much as possible.

First up we have the PERFECT gift for the gal that loves bath & beauty products – but also loves to DIY. These DIY kits come from Handcrafted Honeybee (my latest obsession) and they come in all different sizes and styles. From face masks to lip balms, and deodorants to bath salts. They have all your bath and beauty needs covered! Each kit comes with literally everything you would need as well. And my favorite part – when ordering online, you can totally customize each kit to the scent or ad-ons to fit your friends (or yours – let’s me honest) needs. All the materials used are 100% natural and great alternatives to chemical infused products.

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 3.22.51 PM

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Thanksgiving Leftovers Like You’ve Never Seen

After Thanksgiving recipes-2042-X2

I recently was apart of such an incredible shoot. Not because the location was the “most amazing spot ever” or because we had professional models who regularly grace magazine pages. And not even because I had some killer DIY’s to contribute or mega sponsors to provide me all my favorite pieces for the tablescape. It was incredible, because well, the food was out of this world. And… it was just, real life. The location was my side yard. The “models” were just all us friends. The decor was simple, beautiful, and TOTALLY attainable by anyone (hello, Target and World Market). The centerpieces were so amazing because we used WHEAT, yes colorful wheat found at the farmer’s market – and cotton, yup, cotton. It was so fall/wintery, and incredible. I loved every bit of it. Oh, and did I mention the FOOD?! Continue Reading…

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