Wedding Planning During Covid-19

What a crazy time to be alive. Better yet, what a time to be planning a wedding! Every phone call I have with my clients is filled with concern, uncertainty, and more questions than answers. In some ways it feels like the world has come to a halt. And in others, it feels like weeks are passing by and we are just left treading water. If any of that feels familiar -I feel for you couples!

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Simone & Shakun’s OC Two-Day Wedding

Not even sure where to begin with this one… Simone and Shakun set out to blend both of their cultures with a 2 day EXTRAVAGANZA back in February. It just so happened to be my birthday weekend, and since my last bday wedding was SUCH a success, I thought it would be so fun! They essentially wanted Friday to be the Hindu ceremony and reception and then Saturday would be the Christian ceremony and reception – it was a jam packed weekend and we pulled it off! It was such a success. Not even the threat of rain would shut us down! I’m so proud of the work we did to make this day a success – scroll through to see all the gorgeous details and florals captured by Emily of Anna Delores Photography and don’t miss their epic video at the end!

Day 1: Loads of color!

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Sarah & Saumya’s Hindu & Christian OC Wedding

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Kicking Off 2020 with Janise & Kelsi

Where do I even begin with Janise and Kelsi?? Well, first of all… our very first meeting was over mimosas at their home and it felt more like brunch with friends than anything else. We laughed, drank champagne and began dreaming up their big day. I’m so obsessed with these two, their love for one another and their gorgeous wedding we designed. Scroll through to see all the gorgeous photos taken by Tida Svy and all the links to the vendors who made this day happen are at the bottom!

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Sung & Yinji Lombardi House Wedding

It was truly such an honor to help Sung & Yinji plan their wedding at Lombardi House in Hollywood this past fall. They were SO cute and SO in love and such a joy to just be around. I think we just laughed through 90% of all of our meetings – we couldn’t help but have fun! They had a family friend take their photos, be sure to scroll through and see their sweet moments.

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