Summer Pom Purse DIY

We’re officially in summer folks! And guess what, if you live in CA, you’re probably still in quarantine under the stay at home order for the covid pandemic. Wow. Never thought I would ever write that sentence in a blog post. Okay phew.. now that we’ve gotten that out of the way! I have a super easy and fun tutorial for you all this week. You can get any of these items on Amazon or your local craft stores (i.e. Michaels or Jo-Anns) both of which are doing curbside pickup right now – woo! It will take you longer to order the supplies than it will to make haha

all photos by Joe+Kathrina

What You’ll Need: Straw purse/straw clutch whatever you want – (HERE is a similar one on Amazon) // Colorful Poms – THESE are the ones I used // hot glue & hot glue gun – THAT’S IT!

So really, I spent more time playing around with the different options on where I would want to place my poms. I made several variations and once I felt good about it, I left my poms in place so that I wouldn’t forget or lose my spacing. Then I applied a generous amount of hot glue for each one and held in place for about 10 seconds and voila! You have an anthro inspired summer tote!

I made a clutch too… because I was just having WAY too much fun haha. I’m telling you guys. Easiest DIY ever and you will probably use these purses over and over again!

I hope you guys stay safe and healthy this Memorial Day and happy crafting! Tag me if you make your own – I’d love to see what you guys come up with!

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