A Guide to a Girl Powered Galentine’s Day & Beyond

In past years, I’ve written articles on how to slay Valentine’s Day for your ladies, but this year I wanted to take a different approach and talk a bit about self-care.  While it’s great to set out a gorgeous spread of sweets and treats for your gal pals, it’s also important to remind them of why they are so important to you.  Keep reading for some fun ways you can incorporate empowerment into this Galentine’s Day and all the days of the year!

Write it down

These days, it seems like the only method of communication is technology-based.  While emails, texts, and video chats are all great ways to keep in touch, why not bring it back to the old days and give your girls a handwritten note. Let them know just how important they are to you, and everyone else around them!  If you want to make the delivery extra nostalgic, throw a stamp on an envelope and send your bestie her love letter via snail mail. Because who doesn’t love snail mail?!

Be spontaneous

Who doesn’t love a good surprise? Whether it’s popping up at her job with her favorite sushi to have lunch or sending her some words of encouragement via text or email, the smallest of unexpected gestures can make your gal pal feel loved and appreciated. I understand it may not be feasible to do this all the time, and that’s okay, because spontaneity is what makes a surprise so special.

Practice self-care together

While setting aside time for ourselves can be almost impossible between work, family and whatever unexpected things life throws at us, finding that balance is necessary in order to maintain a healthy physical and mental state.  Encourage your girls to make this happen by planning a “self-care,” themed day. Self-care is a multi-layer practice  and can mean anything from spending the day at your favorite spa to volunteering together at a local soup kitchen.  Regardless of how you define it, practicing it together is a wonderful way to help one another feel empowered.

Let her vent

While you want your celebration to be lighthearted, let’s face it, life isn’t always rainbows and butterflies.  If your bestie is going through a struggle, you want to be the one she comes to for the right advice. For example, if she and her partner are having trouble in the intimacy department, and you want to act as her sounding board to let her know she’s not alone, talk to her about ways to combat these issues. Let her know she shouldn’t feel like any less of a woman just because she’s going through a tough time.  Your reassurance may be all she needs to pick herself up and face this problem head on!

Treat yourselves

This phrase didn’t become a popular hashtag for no reason! Whether it’s Galentine’s Day or just a regular old Tuesday, #treatyourself, and your girls, to something special!  In a previous post I shared with you the ins and outs of hosting the perfect Galentine’s Day Brunch, which is a great way to celebrate.  However, if you’re tight on time, buying your office bestie a coffee in the morning before work is a great gesture too!  Either way, a little indulgence with great girl friends is sure to bring on lots of laughs and create a loving vibe all around.

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