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Hey guys. I’m Emilee! This post is all about my life as a wedding planner! The number one question/comment I get once I tell people what I do for a living is: “Oh! So cool. Like JLo?!” My first reaction is like, “ew, no- I’m way more fun and hello… I don’t steal my client’s fiancès. Duh”  But then, I have to realize: 1) People don’t really remember that part in that movie and 2) Most people don’t actually know what a wedding planner/wedding coordinator is slash does all day. So, thanks to my recent partnership with JORD, wood watches, I’m here to tell you all about what a typical day looks like for me!

Before, I get into my schedule – it should be noted that a more appropriate title for this post should be “A Day in the Life of a Wedding Planner/HR Executive/Boss/Accountant/Manager/Stylist/Therapist/Owner/Customer Service Rep/Wife/Friend”. Because owning a small business (regardless what it is) means you wear a lot of hats. Not to mention, who you are as a spouse, friend, sibling, etc. All of us small business owners out there DO IT ALL. And for the entrepreneurs out there who also add Mom to that list, I tip my hat and salute you. I literally have no idea how you do it.

Okay, now that we got that out of the way. My day! I start my day at 7:00am-7:30am every day.  I know what you’re thinking. “Em. You are your own boss! Sleep in!” Haha I know I know. Everyone thinks that when you work from home, your alarm clock isn’t a real thing. Nope. It’s very real and I have found that getting up at this time works for me. I’m not saying that is how everyone does it, but I’ve found it works. I had to learn that I am my most productive in the morning and that is when I hit the ground running. Now…. I’m going to be SUPER honest here. When I check my watch, and it’s 7:30AM – I straight roll out of bed, pour some coffee, and walk over to my desk (still in my pj’s) and get to work. So before you get all impressed by what time I wake up. I do a solid 2 hours of work in.. yup. Pajamas. And then the rest of the day, probably yoga pants.

I spend my morning updating and checking notes from my clients in my various shared google docs. I have found that keeping ALL the wedding details in an excel spreadsheet and sharing it with my brides; they can update me with questions, notes, etc when THEY are free. Then each morning, I answer their questions, update details, all the organizing! Once I’ve finished that, I attack my email. I have such a love/hate with email. It’s never ending. But how did we ever function without it?! It’s super important that I check my email 2-3 times a day ONLY. Or else I would never get off it. So I check it in the morning. And then in the afternoon. That’s it. A serious lifesaver.  Then, around 9:30AM I eat breakfast and then head to yoga at 10:30AM. I love taking a break to re-center and get a good sweat on. It totally prepares me for the rest of my day!

After yoga, I make some lunch (ahem… my husband makes us lunch). When he’s home from the fire station, he always cooks for me. I know, be jealous. It is not lost on me how lucky I am. After lunch is typically when I have phone meetings, running errands, getting supplies for brides, spray painting various objects, and building/crafting decor for weddings. I save these items for the afternoon… because well, that’s when I feel the most creative. It’s so important for me to keep track of time in the afternoon… so glad I have the cutest wooden watches from JORD to help me! When I’m working on a project, I can definitely lose myself in it. I could paint, create, dream all day long. And remember those afternoon emails I told you about, I can’t forget those! And if you’re my hubs, he’s probably wanting me to stop to eat dinner. I forget to stop for that sometimes haha. If my husband is at the station, those are the days that I schedule meetings. Meetings with vendors, other industry professional, brides, etc. I schedule walkthroughs at venues with my brides, I schedule client consults. After projects/meetings, I check that email again!

Now, my evenings are pretty unique. Not, just because I’m a wedding planner or entrepreneur, but because I’m married to a firefighter. My husband is gone for at least 24 hours at a time. Sometimes up to 72 hours at a time. That’s overnight. Multiple nights a week. I’m not saying this as a “feel bad for me” moment – but I have a lot of freedom to be super flexible with my clients. Not everyone has a schedule where they can meet with me during the day. Some of my couples work 60+ work weeks. If my whole job is to make planning a wedding easier on a couple, but they have to move things around and take days off work just to meet me… how helpful is that? I feel so incredibly lucky that I have these evenings alone, that I can fully be there for my clients. So, on days/nights where the hubs is at the station, I’ll meet with clients whenever they can. I’ll come to their home at 8pm just to hash out some details if that’s what it takes. If I can help solve a problem, then it’s worth it to me.

So, that is a typical day in the life for me! I have to constantly schedule, organize, and go over details countless times to ensure that each event goes off without a hitch. I have to deal with time pressures and stress all with a smile on my face. I stay calm and organized always, to help my couples stay calm and stress free throughout the entire process. And I love every single minute of it!

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All photos by: Joe+Kathrina // Clothing from: Birdie Boutique // Sunnies: TOMS


  1. abby peskorse says

    LOVED this post Emilee! Your job sounds exhausting and exhilarating all at once!

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