5 Ways to Entertain the Littles


As a general rule of thumb, we recommend opting out of children as guests for your big day. However, sometimes there is just no getting around it. There will be children at your wedding. Not 1 or 2, but a good amount of them. Which is great! Every wedding is unique, just like every couple and family. Your wedding should reflect what you care about most. So we’ve gathered up some fun ideas to make those special kiddos feel extra loved, as well as distracted so the grown ups can play as well. You’re welcome =)


Kids only table complete with a ton of crayons and a brown paper table covering to encourage drawing and coloring books galore. By making each kids place setting unique with their name or amusing in unique ways it will keep them entertained for longer.


Bubbles are always a hit! Make your own or buy wedding specific bottles with a picture of your faces and let the kids go wild!


A craft corner. Hire a nanny and have a supplied craft available for the kids to keep occupied with. Keeping their little hands busy and giving them a souvenir to take home is a win win for all involved.


Give the kids their own special snacks or dessert. Let’s face it, beef wellington might not be at the top of a kids preferred dinner. But cookies and milk sure are!


Who doesn’t love movies and popcorn? Most venues probably have some type of room the kids can take over to create a cinema night fit for kings. Play their favorite movies, provide some snacks and juice pouches and let the magic happen.


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