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Micro Wedding & Covid Friendly Wedding Inspiration

You may have seen my last post on what I predicted weddings may look like moving forward in this pandemic (or maybe you didn’t!) Either way, I felt like my ideas would be better executed by showing you exactly what I had in mind – so I teamed up with an incredible vendor team to bring my ideas to life. So, without further adieu, I present to you… the new wedding trend of 2020 (possibly 2021)… Micro Weddings!

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Weddings After Covid

We are hopefully at the end of a global pandemic. Or close to the end. States are slowly lifting restrictions. Beaches and hiking trails are opening. The world is starting to baby steps work it’s way back to “normal.” But will we ever be normal again when it comes to special events and weddings? I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately and below are a list of things that I predict we’ll see in weddings in the next year or so. I may be way off base, but if you’re in the middle of wedding planning, you might want to adopt some of these ideas for your “post covid wedding.” I hope this leaves you feeling hopeful and hopeless and inspires new and creative ideas as you try and move forward with your new wedding plans.

Smaller guest counts: I think this one is a given. Especially since it’s under the governor’s order at this point. But even if it wasn’t, I believe that couples really do have their friends and families best interest at heart and they don’t want others to be fearful at their wedding. No one wants that! So, it’s natural that the 400 person wedding may not be making a comeback this year (or next).

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