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Making Your Wedding Day Personal

Let me start by saying… “personal” doesn’t ALWAYS equal creative. I think a lot of people think that if they aren’t creative, they can’t have personal touches. Simply not true! Alternatively, making things personal doesn’t necessarily translate to DIY projects. 100% no.

Step 1: Decide how much time and energy you want to put into creating personal touches into your big day. This is key. Set the boundary and stick to it. That way, months from now, when you’re knee deep in wedding planning and scrolling through Instagram… you won’t be swayed to take up every project you see portrayed. I go into more detail on this on my podcast with Meg Christine Photography called Wedding Therapy Podcast. Check that out as a resource as well!

Step 2: Pick Your Projects. Below, I’m going to share my favorite ways to make your wedding day personalized. Super tangible. Links and all. You’re welcome.

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DIY Summer Staycation

It’s officially summertime and if you’re like literally anyone else on the planet, you’re watching everyone’s epic summer getaways via social media. That one friend who spent a week in Italy… the other who hosted a rager all weekend in Palm Springs. We get it. You’re all super cool and fabulous and rich.

I especially understand. For me, this is my busiest season of the year. I can’t just take off to the Italian Riviera in the middle of July… let alone afford it! So my dear friend Cara helped me come up with an idea for you all… how to throw an EPIC and insta worthy – staycation this summer. Save your pennies on hotels and airfare, and spend some quality time locally with the ones you love… throw in a few of my DIYs and ideas and you’re set!

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Ribeka & Nick’s Sweet Spring Wedding in Eagle Rock

I met Ribeka & Nick at a taco spot after their work schedule around 7pm. We all had had long days and this was our last “to do” for the evening. They were so full of energy and positivity, it was hard to not have a smile on my face as we ate delicious tacos and I listened to all their wedding plans. It was one of those meetings where I just “click” with clients. I was immediately enamored by their kindness, I couldn’t wait to begin working with them!

Scroll through to see all the sweet details from their big day including the custom sake cups they had made for each of their guests to use and then take home – how fun is that?! Such an honor to work with these two!

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