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Wellness with Jasmyn Alana

Hey there friends! I am SOO excited to share this next installment of Tasteful Wellness with you all. Today’s interview is with Jasmyn Alana and fun fact – I went to high school and played soccer with Jasmyn waaaaay back when! It has been so fun to watch her journey post high school from afar and I am beyond impressed with the business and mindset she has created for herself, her family and her clients. I just KNEW she would be such a great person to share wisdom to you all on wellness! I hope you enjoy her interview as well as her FREEBIE at the end!!

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Destination Wedding Planning Tips From the Pros

JalepeĊ„o margaritas, live music, dancing under the stars, sand between your toes… all idyllic reasons to ditch the traditional and head to a tropical location for your nuptials. But getting there, not seeing the space beforehand, travel details on TOP of wedding day details… sometimes it sounds too good to be true and then you’re overwhelmed and you scrap the idea entirely. But destination weddings don’t HAVE to be more work than a more traditional “local” event. I recently reached out to our little social media friends to see what everyone’s biggest questions around destination weddings were and decided to put alllll my tips/tricks in one place for ya!

Photo by: Emily Magers
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Cristina & Dustin’s Dreamy Los Angeles Wedding

Cristina & Dustin are quite possibly the CUTEST ever. The second I met Cristina, her energy was infectious and her love for Dustin was undeniable. Their dreamy DTLA wedding was such an honor to plan and design! I cannot believe it has taken me SO long to blog it all!

We started at the VERY beginning with Cristina. There was no venue, color palette, nothing! What she did know was that she needed a planner and trusted me to the fullest! She also knew she wanted to get married in the church her parents and most of her family also got married – how freaking sweet is that?!

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How to Achieve the Best Bridesmaid Experience

Last week on my Instagram, I asked you guys about your experience as a bridesmaid. What you loved… what you didn’t? What were the things that were the most annoying/dramatic/lame and boy did you guys deliver! It’s no surprise that there are some “elements” to being a bridesmaid that are less than…. how shall we say it? Fun. Let’s face it, anytime you get a group of girls together (friends or not) drama often ensues. Throw in an ugly (and expensive) dress and there is bound to be difficulties. But why?? Why does this feel like it’s always a thing??

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Greek Style Turkey Meatballs

If you guys follow me on Instagram at all.. you know this post is coming … haha in fact you ASKED for it! I’m not a professional chef by ANY stretch of the word, but I occasionally try out fun recipes at home and they turn out good and I post them on my Instagram… so that’s the level of my cooking skills – BUT I am getting better! So yesterday, I kinda mashed a few recipes I’ve tried and created my own and they turned out SOOO good. I took a poll on Instagram and you guys overwhelmingly wanted the recipe… so here ya go…

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