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Kombucha Margaritas

If you know me at all, you know I love myself a cocktail. What I love more, is creating new cocktails! I’m always dreaming up something different. Sometimes they are a total flop – but sometimes they are deeelish!

Now, switching gears to my hubby. He loves cocktails just as much as the next guy, but he loves kombucha. Love loves. He even makes his own! Which is actually a crazy cool process. It’s like we have a science project growing in our fridge haha. Anyways, the other day while I was literally melting away because it was so hot, and I wanted to make some popsicles to cool down. The problem was, I didn’t really have anything around the house to make them with. Except a bottle of my husband’s kombucha!

Now, in case you read popsicles and cocktails and you’re already jumping up to make something alcoholic frozen – it should be noted that alcohol won’t completely freeze. At least not the way a normal juice/yogurt/whatever popsicle will. That’s not all bad, but just something to consider. I enjoy making cocktails and then using a non alcoholic popsicle as a spoon/mixer if you will.

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Lauren & Scott Destination Wedding

I am so stinkin’ excited to share this wedding with you all!!!!! Ladies and Gentlemen… I would like to formally (haha formal as in, an actual blog post) introduce you all to my very first (well, out of the country) destination wedding!!!! Lauren contacted me so long ago about planning her wedding somewhere in Mexico. That was literally how it started. “I want to get married in Mexico, but no clue where.” We worked endlessly to first of all, find a venue that fit what she was looking for, for her and her guests… once we tackled that obstacle, we jumped into planning the details. Now, I just want to throw out there, that finding a wedding venue is probably the hardest part on a bride’s to do list. When you’re looking for a venue in another country – that is a WHOLE other beast. I’m so grateful to have had a bride like Lauren, who knew what she wanted and knew she needed help from a planner – but totally recognized that this was also MY first time planning a wedding in Mexico. She was so gracious and patient while I figured some stuff out and dealing with finding and vetting vendors I’ve never worked with before. Cannot thank her enough for that! In the end, it was such an incredible experience and I learned SO much. Turns out, I LOVE planning destination weddings haha. Be sure to scroll through and see all the gorgeous images ¬†from their incredible wedding WEEK in Playa del Carmen and links to all our amazing vendors who absolutely nailed it!

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Free Photobooth Printables

Photobooths have become a staple for most wedding receptions. They are a great way to provide entertainment for guests. A place for them to go and have fun, while taking a break from the dancefloor. They also make a great favor for your guests. A sometimes hilarious momento of the night.

Download Masquerade Props

Thanks to Shutterfly, we are offering free photobooth prop printables for your next photobooth! These are great if you are going more of the DIY route with your photobooth. You can buy props now almost anywhere, but sometimes that can get pricey. Especially if you’re looking to get a lot. And then after the wedding, what are you supposed to do with them? Exactly, save the money friends!

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Conversation Plate DIY

As a wedding planning and designer, I’m constantly trying out new ideas for making a table scape personal or custom for my clients. It can be the table numbers, the menus, anything! The other day, I thought it would be fun to customize the actual plates! A lofty goal, in my opinion. It’s hard because, you have to actually be able to eat off the plates. I feel like there are tons of spray paint inspired tutorials on Pinterest right now for cute plates… but you can’t eat food off of that! I’m all about practicality, function, and of course style.

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Morgan & Bryce :: LA Arboretum Wedding

Morgan and Bryce are literally the cutest. Working with Morgan on their wedding was such a joy. We would set up a coffee date/meeting to go over details, and end up chatting for 2 hours about life and family. We understood each other and our backgrounds and how we both came to be who we are today. It was so wonderful to get to know her throughout this whole process. Continue Reading…

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