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Hosting A Holiday Bar


We’ve all been there. You’re the one hosting the holiday/winter party this year and you’re stumped when it comes to the bar. The menu is all set. You know you want something that pairs with the food. But also something that is fun and bubbly. And what about for those whiskey lovers? Great. Now you’re going to end up spending more on drinks than on the food itself! And who just has 12 different bitters laying around to make the “perfect pinterest cocktail?” – I sure don’t! These are the questions that always plague me. When hosting any sort of get together. So I put together a cocktail menu of 3 very different cocktails that are SUPER easy to make. Minimal ingredients. And ALL your guests will love. Also, they won’t break the bank! I had such a great time collaborating on these with Corey of Miss Foodie Problems – be sure to check out her incredible food blog for even more delish inspirations!

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The Black Tux Style Guide


Menswear is hard guys. Maybe it’s just because I’m a woman… but if you’re a dude, I feel like sometimes dress code is more difficult for you… just me? Okay.

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12 Days of Christmas Crafts

I seriously cannot believe it is already the 13th of December!!! Wasn’t it JUST November 1st?! I feel like this is a total sign of me getting older… time is literally flying by. I have so many weddings next year, it barely feels like December when my mind is constantly on 2017 spring, summer, and fall for weddings!


A couple years ago, I put together a cute 12 Days of Christmas Craft Series and it generated a great response. It was so fun to see everyone who participated sharing their versions of all the projects! I did everything from stocking stuffers to home decor, and even ornaments! So, I thought it might be fun to share some of the posts again – some of you maybe didn’t have time to do all of them, or some of you are new readers and have no clue what I’m talking about haha. I won’t be posting each post again… but I’ll be sharing some of my favs on my Instagram – so be sure to follow along there for more details on each craft! Continue Reading…

Basic Invites :: Your One Stop Shop!


Sometimes finding the right paper products are one of the toughest parts for my clients. Figuring out what to choose/design for your big day is a bit overwhelming. There are literally thousands of options out there from DIY to etsy, to printables and custom options. From online sites to create your own, or other sites to pick from templates. There are some that come in sets, and some that are all sold separately. So. Many. Options. And I have to admit, I’m not always the BEST resource. So many of my clients hire me after they’ve made their invite decisions. So, I’m not always involved in the process. Which is fine, but means I just don’t always know about the latest and greatest. Phew that was a really honest thought. Hello world – I am not perfect and I do not know ALL things!


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Winter Wonderland Elopement


I love winter. The holidays. The smell of evergreen. Candles that smell like apple cinnamon. Sweaters, scarves, and boots. Did I mention all the fabulous BOOTS! And don’t get my started on all the possibilities of a winter wedding. I love how the idea that “you have to get married in the summer has faded”. I mean, don’t get me wrong – summer/spring weddings are fab. And so gorgeous. I just love that people are breaking molds and making it actually cool to get married in the winter. Maybe you aren’t a summer person – maybe, just maybe you’re a winter person, and by golly, you should have the option to throw a fabulous wedding in the winter time. phew! Thanks, I just needed to get that out of the way. And you know what I may love more than winter weddings… winter elopements! There is something just so magical in the intimacy in the middle of the forest with your forever person. To learn more about the shoot + some awesome elopement tips be sure to see the full feature on Wedding Chicks!


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