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I Am That Girl


“Be Seen. Be Heard. Belong. These words hold depth and meaning to thousands of girls across the globe and connecting them through their message of community, self compassion, and empowerment on both an individual and social level.” 


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Erica + Dmitry’s Quail Ranch Wedding


This couple exudes so. much. love. It’s undeniable and so beautiful. All my couples are in love, obviously. But these two… I don’t know how to put it. But when you’re with them – and they lock eyes. No one else is in the room with them. It’s just them. Their chemistry is contagious. The best part was, every single guest at their wedding was beyond excited to share in this moment with them.


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Meet The Team!


Hi friends and happy Tuesday! I’m so excited to introduce to you guys some pretty special gals. We’ve gone through a bit of a transition this year with team members getting married, starting new chapters, following their dreams and so on. We’re so grateful for all the hard work they have put into this little company of mine and I know they will continue to do brilliant things in their next chapter. But with that comes some new faces that have been working tirelessly behind the scenes with me prepping for the new year. And boy, do we have an unbelievable amount of glorious weddings coming up in 2017. I am so excited.

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Why Hire A Wedding Planner?


When I say that I believe in hiring a wedding planner, I mean it. Big time. I mean it so much, I tell brides all the time – it doesn’t need to be me and my team. Just hire someone who is a professional. That’s how much I care. You see, I didn’t really have a planner. Because I am a planner. Also, because I’m a control freak and I had a lot of difficulty passing anything off to anyone else. And the result was, me running around like a crazy person on my wedding day. And all my friends and family working their butts off on the wedding day. I don’t wish that upon anyone. But don’t take it from me! I interviewed some previous brides and asked them why choosing a wedding planner was important to them. And why they are beyond glad that they did, because so often we don’t realize how necessary something is, until it’s too late.

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Vendor Spotlight : Archive Rentals


Happy Friday friends! Today we want to talk about making your wedding personal and you without endless DIY projects. Now, don’t get me wrong. I am a huge DIY-er and superfan. But I recognize that it’s not for everyone. And to be perfectly honest, it’s not always the most affordable route. Often, a DIY project will cost just as much if not more than just renting/purchasing – not to mention the time spent. Shocker, I know.  So today, I  wanted to take a moment to share some fun details and images from one of our favorite rental companies in the area: Archive Antique Rentals!! These guys know their stuff and their inventory is the bees knees. I  mean… just scroll through some of this gorgeousness.


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