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Alex & Eric’s San Gabriel Wedding

35.Eric + Alex -- Wedding-464_id83682705

Alex & Eric are the sweetest. They came to us needing that extra help with the planning for the last month in and they are the perfect example of true love and commitment. They have an incredible support system with friends and family who pitched in on every element – even down the the flowers and that epic ceremony wall you see above. Handmade with love. We were there behind the scenes answering questions and giving advice. Then, our incredible team stepped in that last month and handled all the vendor communication and all day of logistics. Such a smooth event with so much joy! Make sure you scroll through to see all the gorgeous images from Maple & Elm photography!

17.Eric + Alex -- Wedding-224_id83682487

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Coconut Dessert Bowl DIY


Have you guys heard of Amazebowls in Downtown LA yet? You should definitely check them out, if you haven’t. I was there last week and their Acai is incredible… and the presentation is just downright beautiful. So, naturally, I took a pic of my creation and posted it on Snapchat. My sister in DC replied to my post, “I wish I could eat all my meals out of a coconut bowl” in jest… but it got me thinking. Why not?? There are so many fun things you could  make in these adorable coconuts! Namely, desserts! Later that week, I came up with a fun banana pudding dessert that I think you guys will LOVE and here it is!


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Lacey & Michel’s Rancho Valencia Wedding


This wedding was everything to me. The incredible couple contacting me from Texas because they found one photo that I had styled… literally years ago, of a moroccan themed tablescape. They saw the image, and knew they wanted to base their wedding colors/style/concept off of that one photo. So they took to the internet and did some sleuthing and eventually found me as the stylist for the photo they found. They told me all of this in their first email, and I was already impressed! The couple also work in events for a larger corporation out in Texas, so they knew what they were doing. But planning a wedding in another state presents it’s own challenges, and that’s where we came in!


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Faux Gold Terrarium DIY

Gold Terrarium’s are everywhere these days. You can pick one up at Target, West Elm, Anthropologie, you name it! So naturally, the trend is trickling over to weddings. While planning with one of my brides (see last post) about her tablescape, she had a few terrarium’s she wanted to include with the florals, but she didn’t have enough for the large tables. With each one costing a minimum of $20, things could add up quickly. I knew there had to be a way to make them in bulk for less. Because in the end, the bride didn’t actually need to own 30 terrarium’s, she just needed them for table decor. I was on a mission!


So, here is what you need: paper straws (any color!), gold spray paint, gold wire (3 yards or so)


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Bethany & Justin’s Carondelet House Wedding


I’m not sure how it happened exactly, but a couple years I had a few brides who lives outside of CA and needed help planning their wedding from afar, and now I have a constant flow of couples finding me from Texas, Idaho, Philly, even Australia! There are definitely specific challenges to planning out of state, but we’re so used to it now, we know the drill.

Bethany and Justin came to me all the way from Philadelphia to help planning their Los Angeles wedding, and they were the sweetest couple ever. Bethany grew up out here in LA and Justin’s family was from Texas, and they lived in Philly… it was going to be a trip either way – so Los Angeles it was!


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