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De-Stress During Your Wedding Month


Spring is quickly approaching… which means, wedding season is in full swing. And if you’re planning a wedding for 2016,  you’re probably starting to feel the weight of your To-Do list right about now. Self care is so unbelievably important, and as planners we do our best to handle all the logistics for you, but we can’t force you to relax or not be stressed. BUT we can give you a super easy bath bomb recipe to encourage to do a little detox slash relaxation session every once in awhile (wink, wink)

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Tips For Writing Your Own Vows


To write your own vows, or to not. Many couples struggle with which way to go. There is no wrong answer. Our best advise is do what you feel most comfortable with. I can say from my own experience, many moons ago, I opted to just repeat the vows pre-written out by our officiant. Which was totally fine, and what I needed in the moment. But later, I really wished we had written our own. So we did! When we renewed our vows. So really, there isn’t a wrong or right option. However, if you do choose to write your own, here are some tips to make them stellar and ones you’ll remember and appreciate years after the big day.

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Juli & Noel: Lombardi House Wedding

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 9.44.44 AM

Juli & Noel brought us on as their coordinators about 2 months out of the wedding date. Much was planned, but there were still a lot of logistics to figure out. But their vision was clear, and their major vendors were booked: venue, catering, photography, and rentals. We came alongside to pull together a couple remaining vendors and cross all the t’s and dot all the i’s when it came to logistics and timeline. And to say the day was flawlessly beautiful is almost an understatement. We loved being apart of this day so much and are thrilled to show you the incredible images of this day filled with style and love!

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Valentines Paleo Mini Donuts


While we don’t necessarily believe in the commercialism of Valentines Day, we do believe in spending quality time with your loved one/fiance. Especially during your engagement. We see so many couples consumed with the wedding planning itself, that they miss out on the special time, where they are engaged. So we created a fun & healthy recipe to make Valentines a little sweeter and maybe something for you and your man to try to do together!

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10 Things You’ll Regret NOT Doing On Your Wedding Day


You just got engaged. The party has been thrown, the ring fits perfectly, you maybe even have a date. There are so many things to navigate as you begin a new year, and this new adventure of planning your wedding. You’re going to find a lot of checklists, a lot of “dos” and a lot of “don’ts” but what you may not find, is a list of what we see all of the time from Brides of things they regretted NOT doing on their wedding day. ¬†We’ve rounded up our top 10 in an effort to make your day that much more wonderful and stress free.

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