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Jasmine + Paul Real Wedding


When you meet the man of your dream while checking out at Trader Joes… you know you’re in for something beautiful. I mean, how much do we all love TJ’s?! Jasmine and Paul literally looked like they just stepped off the pages of a magazine the first time we met them, and their wedding day was no different. They are such a genuine pair,¬†who stuck to their instincts on what they love and what reflected their own personal style on their wedding day and we are so grateful to them for allowing to play a role in such a unique and beautiful day. We love you J+P!

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Wedding Registry Know How


We want to give you some tips on how to maximize your wedding registry to actually get gifts that you’ll love and use.

Register early and often. Have some items on your registry by the time you send out your save-the-dates because at least 1 person will want to run out and get you a gift the second they see that. But don’t try to complete your whole list on the first go, you can add things as you find them and sometimes even after the big day.

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Mastering Your Bridal Look

We’ve gathered some great tips from the pros who have been there and done their own weddings and are kind enough to share the things they’ve learned about their wedding day look with the rest of us.

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Workout Gear for The Bride to Be


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What to DIY at your Wedding & What to Leave to the Pros

It’s the most common question we get asked. What is worth the DIY effort, and what is not. Or rather, at the end of the planning process, brides comment on how they wished they had let go of some of the DIY to us or their florist, makeup artist, etc. It’s often a regret of many brides that we hear from our friends of friends.. you know the story. It’s such a tricky thing to maneuver, because we are all each blessed with different talents and skills, so who’s to say what you can do and what you can’t? But based on what we see all the time, here is our suggestions on what to definitely leave to the pros, and what is worth trying your hand at a DIY project here and there. Disclaimer: doing it DIY doesn’t NOT always make it less expensive! That’s a whole other post (lesson) in and of itself.

Leave it to the Pros:


Guys. Hire a coordinator. Doesn’t even have to be us. Trust us. A friend might be able to do it for free…. but you want someone’s full time attention to the details of your day. There are SO many. So many things can go wrong. Wouldn’t you want someone who does this every week handling everything behind the scenes so you (or family) don’t have to? Yeah, we thought so.


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