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Thanksgiving Leftovers Remix

After Thanksgiving recipes-2083-X2

Last year, I got to design an incredible table for a Thanksgiving Leftovers dinner. Not because the location was the “most amazing spot ever” or because we had professional models who regularly grace magazine pages. And not even because I had some killer DIY’s to contribute or mega sponsors to provide me all my favorite pieces for the tablescape. It was incredible, because well, the food was out of this world. And… it was just, real life. The location was my side yard. The “models” were just all us friends. The decor was simple, beautiful, and TOTALLY attainable by anyone (hello, Target and World Market). The centerpieces were so amazing because we used WHEAT, yes colorful wheat found at the farmer’s market – and cotton, yup, cotton. It was so fall/wintery, and incredible. I loved every bit of it. Oh, and did I mention the FOOD?! Also – huge shoutout to Emily of Anna Delores Photography for capturing each perfect moment!

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Winter Wonderful Bouquets


Winter is finally upon us and the holidays are just around the corner. One of the most wonderful times of the year. This season brings people together, reminds them of all their blessings and things they have to be thankful for and a brand new palette of inspiration. Think of winter white, pine tree green and deep romantic red. We’ve gathered up a few of our favorite winter bouquets.


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Savannah + Coleman

Ruffled - photo by Joe and Kathrina Photography

Savannah used to always say she was going to marry a cowboy… and when she moved to Boise for college, she did just that. Coleman’s family literally runs a farm in the PNW and they are by trade – farmers. And they couldn’t be more perfect for each other. They love for each other is infectious and you can’t help but just fall in love with them both. It was such a joy to help design their special day from states away. Savannah had a clear vision, while also giving the Tasteful Team some freedom in taking small inspirations and creating killer details throughout the day. We were so honored to have this real wedding featured on Ruffled Blog earlier this week – be sure to check out the full feature HERE!

Ruffled - photo by Joe and Kathrina Photography

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A Geometric Affair


When you think of hard lines and geometric shapes, do you think of something modern? Well it doesn’t have to be!¬†Geometric shapes can be blended into many different styles. Like whimsical romantic, earthy boho chic, colorfully playful and many more. There are so many unique ideas you can incorporate to make your wedding stand out. If you loves shapes, make sure your geometric wedding isn’t square by adding some of these great ideas to your big day.

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His & Hers Wood Watches by JORD

If you’ve been on Etsy for practically any given amount of time.. you’ve seen a wood watch. You’ve probably seen several different stores selling a watch that pretty much looks like every other wood watch. And they are so cool. I’ve wanted to buy one for years. But being the good consumer that I am, I began reading a ton of reviews around my birthday last year and realized that many of those trendy, earthy, cool watches are not that awesome, in fact. They are cheaply made, and fall apart quickly. So since then, I’ve pretty much dismissed the idea that wood watches are actually as smart as a buy as they appear to be. Sad face.


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