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Righteous Vendor Shout Outs

We love our  preferred vendors! It makes an event go so much smoother and way more fun when you work with friendly professionals. And our vendors are definitely that and so much more!

Today we wanted to give a very special shout out to one of our favorite vintage rental companies:



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Save The Date, It’s Wedding Season

Your Save-the-Date is the first glimpse of your wedding your guests are going to see. Make sure it represents you as a couple and the style of your wedding. Save-the-Dates aren’t required, but are a courteous gesture for your guests to make sure they will be at your wedding and don’t accidentally plan the annual family vacation to South Beach the same weekend. Some people recommend sending them out at least 6-8 months to make sure your guests have ample time to mark their calendars and make the necessary arrangements. We recommend sooner rather than later – a year if you can!

Save the dates are also a way to show your guests what the style & feel of your big day is going to be. Will it be a black tie affair or a whimsical ceremony in a field? Help them plan their trip by giving a tease for what is to come. We found some very fun and unique ideas for your Save-the-Dates that are all completely customizable and won’t break the bank!

movieposter                source                                                               source

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Tropical Honeymoon Must-Haves

Wedding season is approaching and so is summer! We’re excited to break out our beach essentials and wanted to share some of our new favorite Honeymoon must-haves. Continue Reading…

Ceremony Arch Inspiration Ideas

The Ceremony is the beautiful beginning to a long and happy story together. Make your first chapter stand out with one of these stunning arch way inspirations!

Try some bold and romantic blooms.


       source                                                                     source

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To do a First Look or Not

One of the most commonly asked questions from our brides is, should we do a first look or not? They ask our advice – because they want to know what will make their day better/run smoother/best photo op… and we definitely have our opinions, but ultimately, the couple has to pick what works best for THEM. We can run a wedding with a first look or not – no problem. But what happens is, couples don’t think about it until they are closer to the date, and then they feel like they just want to ask us what we want. So plan ahead – ask people who did it, and who didn’t. See what experience you want for your big day. And just for you, we put together a little pro/con list based on our weddings and what our couples have said!

For those of you wondering what a first look is, we’ll start there before we move into the pros and cons.

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