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Join the Team!

Yup, that’s right! I’ve decided to bring on a few more people to the team to help us expand! It’s a new, frightening, nerve-wrecking thing. But I’m excited. It means a lot of new changes are coming and I could not be more thrilled.

I’m looking for a couple of assistants who would be able to attend weddings primary on the weekends to serve as an extra set of hands on the day of. Experience in events would be helpful, but it’s not necessarily a requirement. If you have a good work ethic, great attitude, and can handle being on your feet for about 10 hours in a day – that’s about all you need! Also, a reliable form of transportation is a must. This IS a paid position – but I wouldn’t call it part time by any means. Right now, I typically have 2 weddings a month, 9 months out of the year. So very very part time. Weekend-time, if you will. But if you really excel, there is an opportunity to move to an associate position that would allow you to manage events on your own. So there is room for growth! I can’t wait to see how new additions can help the business expand and the new places it takes us. And I can’t wait to meet my staff! Is that weird? I haven’t met you yet, but I’m excited to meet you – whoever you are! Continue Reading…

Real Wedding: Claudia & Diego

Claudia and Diego are quite possibly to sweetest couple around. Like, for real. At one of our venue walkthroughs my keychain broke and my car key fell off in my car. My locked car, naturally. And these two stayed with me the whole time until the tow truck arrived. And when the tow guy got lost – Diego went out in his car and tracked the guy down! Like I said, the SWEETEST. Their wedding at McCormick Ranch in Camarillo was the perfect combo of vintage + romantic. And the florals were to die for!! Huge thanks to Camarie Photography for capturing this special day so well.



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Real Wedding: Sydney & Nick


Sydney was the dream bride. She works in television as a director’s assistant. So basically she is a wedding planner for a tv show. I’m sure I’ll get in so much trouble for comparing the two. But in all seriousness – she creates timelines, budgets, vendor lists, etc. She runs the behind the scenes, keeping everything flowing and thinking of every possible scenario for potential problems that could occur. Which is pretty much what I do on the day of the wedding. She got it. And she was SO thorough and organized. And our emails felt like I was emailing myself! It definitely made the whole planning process so easy and smooth =)

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