10 Things You’ll Regret NOT Doing On Your Wedding Day


You just got engaged. The party has been thrown, the ring fits perfectly, you maybe even have a date. There are so many things to navigate as you begin a new year, and this new adventure of planning your wedding. You’re going to find a lot of checklists, a lot of “dos” and a lot of “don’ts” but what you may not find, is a list of what we see all of the time from Brides of things they regretted NOT doing on their wedding day. ¬†We’ve rounded up our top 10 in an effort to make your day that much more wonderful and stress free.

Not hiring a coordinator

We hear it all the time: “We didn’t realize how much we needed one until the week of, we were so stressed!” No one wants that sort of burden on their wedding day. We say it all the time, it doesn’t have to be us – just hire someone! From setting up the day, to keeping the flow on track, to making sure you get a plate of desserts, and refilling your wine for you… and a million and a half other little details: coordinators always have YOU in mind. Making sure your day is everything you want it to be. At the end of the day, you’ll thank us – we promise ;-)


Booking a great hotel for your wedding night

This doesn’t mean, hop on a red eye jet plane the second you leave the reception. We actually advise against that. Your emotions are all over the place. Chances are you haven’t slept in days. Just stay local at a cool hotel for a night or 2 to recover from the day (aka sleep!) and THEN take your trip. We promise you will enjoy it so much more.

Not hiring professional photographers

Oh man oh man this is a HUGE one. We seriously just can’t stress this enough. That doesn’t mean that the most expensive pro is the best fit for you (that’s a whole other post) but hire someone you love their work, and you feel completely comfortable with. And do an engagement session! It’s great practice for having a stranger with a lens in your face


Not having personal vows, or making your ceremony personal in some way

This one maybe isn’t for everyone. But we hear from our clients that they are so glad they did someone personal that meant something special to THEM. Not just because they saw someone else do it online, but really meaningful to them. Plus, we end up getting adorbs pics like the one below ;-)

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 3.52.02 PM

Making your guests wait too long to eat

This again, has a lot to do with having a coordinator. They can advise you on the best flow for your timeline. But what we always do is actually schedule the toasts/speeches for after everyone has gotten their food. That way, they can finish up their meal while listening. They are happy and full. Instead of pissed and falling asleep while your best man rambles on about silly college shenanigans.


Not wearing comfy shoes to your reception

This is a no brainer, but gets forgotten all too often. Have your shoes for your ceremony/photos, but don’t forget your flats for the dance floor!! You will have a lot more fun, we promise.

Not eating your food/dessert

This one is something we care strongly about at Tasteful Tatters. We like to pack up extra desserts for the bride and groom to take to the hotel with them because it’s rare that couples get to even sample the beautiful desserts they pay for. So, be mindful of that, but maybe ahead of time as your coordinator to save you some and pack them up for you! You’ll appreciate it when you get the munchies at 1am


Not taking 10min alone right after the ceremony

Once again, a good coordinator will plan this into your timeline. The rest of the day will be a complete whirlwind and you might not even be with your new hubs for a lot of it – you’ll both get pulled in different directs (Great Aunt you never see will want to chat your ear off, while his college buddies HAVE to take a shot and dance to their old anthem) Those 10 min will be a great way to slow down and just take in the moment and you’ll be thankful you did it.

Not hiring a makeup artist

Your high school bff might be the only one you trust to apply your makeup, and she might be great, but there is something about how skin is shown through a camera lens that will make you look really washed out without a professional’s touch. They know how heavy to go to make sure the camera catches it, without over do-ing it. And your photos are the only “thing” you get from the day, so you want to make sure you look good in them!


Make it Personal

Sure, there are great ideas on Pinterest. And your best friend may have done something a certain way at her wedding. But you will enjoy your day and your photos so much more if you stick to your guns. Do what YOU love and what represents YOU above all else. It will mean so much more and your guests will feel how genuine it is


  1. This is a PERFECT list! Agree 100% with all the things!!

  2. Love love love Absolutely agree 100%

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