Sunny SoCal Fall Wedding Inspiration

Fall is pretty unique here in Los Angeles. We don’t have leaves changing colors and the crisp air enticing us with scarves and boots.. no, it’s hot. It’s muggy and it’s hot, and nothing is changing colors except for the sky that is filled with smog. Haha I know that sounds so negative but it’s true! But I still love Fall! It’s a sign of the seasons changing, even if it’s not crisp and cool… we know some coolness is sure to come. So this is where my inspiration came from. Bright sunny SoCal in the “fall” drawing from deep mustards, and soft blushes and paired with beautiful wood and gold accents. We wanted it to look and feel like Fall, yet still staying true to our California roots. We are so thrilled that this shoot was featured on Wedding Chicks – so be sure to check that out, as well as the rest of these gorgeous photos from Simply Adri Photography!

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Bring on that Holiday Cheer

With the holidays just around the corner (as in starting tomorrow!) I know everyone is busy prepping their menus for Thanksgiving and then the inevitable string of holiday parties that will follow… but we can’t forget about the cocktails!! If you’re anything like me, you’re spending just as much time trying to figure out the perfect pairing of whiskey for your turkey. Just me? Okay :-) I gathered my fav girls and tested out my newest holiday cocktails on them and the verdict is in – they were a hit! Scroll through to save all the recipes so you can make your own at your next holiday dinner – you’re guests will thank you!

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Why you should hire a Wedding Planner

ten reasons to hire a 


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Thanksgiving Leftovers Remix

After Thanksgiving recipes-2083-X2

Last year, I got to design an incredible table for a Thanksgiving Leftovers dinner. Not because the location was the “most amazing spot ever” or because we had professional models who regularly grace magazine pages. And not even because I had some killer DIY’s to contribute or mega sponsors to provide me all my favorite pieces for the tablescape. It was incredible, because well, the food was out of this world. And… it was just, real life. The location was my side yard. The “models” were just all us friends. The decor was simple, beautiful, and TOTALLY attainable by anyone (hello, Target and World Market). The centerpieces were so amazing because we used WHEAT, yes colorful wheat found at the farmer’s market – and cotton, yup, cotton. It was so fall/wintery, and incredible. I loved every bit of it. Oh, and did I mention the FOOD?! Also – huge shoutout to Emily of Anna Delores Photography for capturing each perfect moment!

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Wearing Glasses on Your Wedding Day


It’s not something you usually see gracing the pages on all the popular wedding blogs. A bride walking down the aisle rocking her specs. But so many people wearing their glasses on a day to day basis. religiously, even. For some, their glasses are their style trademark. So why then, do we NEVER see glasses on a wedding day? I believe that our society’s and communities have shaped a “bridal look” that is fresh faced and spectacle free =) But then we preach about making your day YOU and opting with hair and makeup vendors that don’t try and make you look different, but comfortable and confident in your own skin. Kinda a contradiction if you ask me. All of this occurred to me when I stumbled across Rowley Eyewear. Some of their looks just screamed bridal to me.. and then it dawned on me – why don’t I EVER see brides in killer frames like these? Probably because NO ONE is doing it! Lightbulb!

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