Table Number DIY w/ Wedding Chicks

If you’re planning your wedding and stuck on what to do with your table numbers and don’t want to break the bank. Boy, do we have an epic DIY for you today! You don’t even need to be a pro DIY-er for this one. With the help of the Free Printables section on Wedding Chicks, this may be the easiest wedding project you do ever!

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Camp Emilee :: On Turning 30

On Feb 21st, 1987 sometime in the middle of afternoon, I was born in Anaheim California. I know it was midday because my whole life I’ve been told the story about how my mom went into labor while my Grandpa was at Home Depot (his favorite place in the world) and when he heard the news, his response was, “no baby is ever born in the middle of the day.” Basically stating that he was in no rush to leave his excursion. Because, you know, babies always come at like 3 in the morning haha. So, naturally, always wanting to prove someone wrong – even at the early age of unborn, I came in the middle of the day.

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Greetabl For Your Bridesmaids

If you’re recently engaged and trying to figure out how to ask your girls to be your bridesmaids, and feeling a little overwhelmed. You’re not alone! Pinterest is a dangerous world with literally thousands of ideas ranging from super cool to super lame and from really affordable to really expensive. It’s a lot. We get it. You want to make your squad feel loved… but there are also SO many other details to worry about… you know, like finding a venue and choosing the perfect photographer – you know, getting married stuff. We get it. That’s why when we discovered Greetabl we immediately thought of YOU guys. The brides. This is seriously the coolest idea and maybe one of the easiest out there! It’s quick, easy, and affordable. The trifecta.

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Gold Crown DIY

A couple weeks ago, I turned 30. I wasn’t super stoked about the concept. So I tried to embrace this new chapter by dying my hair purple and wearing a sparkly crown basically all week haha. Then, it was my wonderful associate’s birthday – so I made her a crown… and then I thought, I’d share how insanely easy these crowns are to make. They would be so cute for a bachelorette party or a bridal shower as a craft or take home for your guests!

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The Groom’s Guide by The Black Tux

Calling all gentlemen! This is for all the grooms out there. And since I know it’s mostly ladies out there reading this… Brides. Bookmark this and save for your hubby to be. Our friends at The Black Tux have put together something really special. The ultimate wedding planning guide FOR grooms. You heard that right. It’s catchy, well written, references to burritos… you name it. It has everything to help a groom stay informed and on top of everything during the wedding planning process. So as they say… welcome to Groomdom! Here are some of my favorite aspects of their guide:

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