Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Wedding Planning. Sometimes it gets a bad rep. The term “Bridezilla” comes to mind haha. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Wedding planning is essentially just a series of decisions that have to be made… when you look at the bare bones of it. So since this is a topic that comes up often with my clients, I thought I’d break down my best tips for making decisions for you guys to take that element out of the stress of wedding planning!

Tip #1: Make a Priority List

Before you do ANYTHING… sit down with your partner and come up with your top 3 priorities for your wedding day. Now, these can be literally anything. Anything that is important to you guys. There are some obvious ones that literally apply to everyone. “We want to have fun.” “We want everyone to have a good time.” Sure, sure. OBVIOUSLY. So those are a given and shouldn’t be on the list. The idea is – we’re creating your mission statement for your wedding with these priorities. So they should be clear, concise, and specific to you guys. A great example could be your Photography. You have a specific look and feel of photography style and it’s important to you that your photographer have ample time to get EVERYTHING. Great. That’s on the list. Now fast forward to when your photographer asks if you want to do a first look or not. “oh man.. we don’t know. there are so many pros for each options… what do we do… ??” Stop stressing. Let’s go to your priority list. Photography was #1 on that list. Doing a first look allows for more time to take portraits, details, family photos. “Yes. we’re doing a first look.” 

Done and done! Look at you?! You just crossed an item off your list and it took 5 min! Crisis averted. Now you have time to go have brunch with bottomless mimosas with your girlfriends. Your welcome.

Once you have your 3 priorities. Use that to help you navigate the tough decisions throughout planning. I promise it will help simplify things, and will make you feel confident about the choices you are making.

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Yosemite Wedding Filled With Personal Details

Brianne & Greg’s wedding has taken me forever to post. I got the images just before the New Year, and had every intention of blogging it right away. A way to kick off 2019 with an epically great start. And then I got sick. An gross little bug that kept me stuffy  & feverish – not sleeping just downright and irritable and tired. What a way to start the year? Am I right?! Anyways… I’m finally publishing this Yosemite wedding and I promise, guys, this one does not disappoint! The photos by Isaiah and Taylor Photography are simply devine and I hope you guys love it!

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Tasteful Wellness: Meet Modern Shaman – Olivia Weil

It’s time for a little wellness, dontcha think?? Our last Tasteful Wellness post was full of tips on how to navigate the world of financial planning. Dollas and cents. Since then we’ve shared some pretty weddings and some holiday cocktail recipes! With the holidays quickly approaching and wedding planning in full swing for all our spring couples – I figured we should switch gears a little bit.

And switch gears… we did! Today you are going to meet the lovely Olivia Weil – a modern day shaman. Yup, you heard that right. Now regardless of whatever imagery of a “shaman” you may have in your head right now – throw it out. I encourage you to have an open mind because this gal is smart as a whip and has SOOO much insight and down right practical advice for literally any human. I’m sure many of you have a therapist, some of you may have an acupuncturist who can tell how your feeling emotionally based off looking at your tongue, more of you have probably met with a nutritionist at one point of another, and I’m sure a few of you have hired a life coach at some time in your life. Based on my conversations and emails with Olivia – I feel like practically speaking – she could literally be all of these (and more) wrapped up into one beautiful soul who can literally make you feel at ease by listening to her voice.  She has such a cool story and I cannot wait for you guys to read our interview!

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Holiday Rum Remix Cocktails

It’s that time of year again! My favorite time, really. Your tree is up, the garland is hung, your wreath is adorned with a big red bow. It’s the holidays. And when it’s the holidays… there are holiday parties. And when there are parties… there are cocktails. And I’m where the cocktails are at! Truth is, I’m usually at home… making my cocktails, but that’s another story!

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Houdini Estate Wedding

If you’ve never been to the Houdini Estate in Los Angeles before.. you are missing out. This place is out of control. Not your typical wedding venue to say the least. Perfect for an unconventional couple. Alexandra and James wanted a unique day filled with “attractions” and magical moments. Which wasn’t hard to accomplish at a place like this. So we set out to design a completely unique wedding day filled with some traditions when it comes to the ceremony, but the rest was to be a complete “experience” for their guests. Complete with a map of fun things to do strategically placed throughout the property to encourage their guests to wander and explore the property and experience the magic themselves.

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