Brittany & Adam + GWS Feature

These two are the epitome of cool. Super cool. The coolest. It was truly an honor to design this wedding with the both of them. And this wedding was so perfectly THEM, and that’s my favorite detail above them all. You can see their whole feature on Green Wedding Shoes HERE which was a huge honor! Thank you Brittany & Adam for trusting us with your big day – it was beyond epic!

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Lindsay + Darrick’s Estate on 2nd Wedding

Sometimes I meet with couples and it’s like we were just meant to be friends. It actually happens more often than not. But these two were special. It actually started before we even met up. I have a questionnaire on my website that helps me get to know my couples better and I ask a few questions about their fav dance jams and coffee order –  you know, stuff like that. What I got was something I have never heard back from a couple before. They answered all the questions with style and flair and then they shot back a question for me: what was my top 3 music artists? Oh. my. word. I was being put on the spot. I immediately was panicking… would they not hire me based on my answers? I was SO nervous. But also excited – but I love this question. I love music too and used to work in music, so it was the most terrifying and excited email to get from a potential client haha

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Samantha & Mark Private Estate Wedding

Private Estate weddings are some of my favs. We’re not bound by rules and restrictions that most venues have. The party can last all night long… or at least until the cops come haha. I knew I would hit it off with Sam and Mark right away. Their humor and energy is infectious. Mark had me in stitches on our first meeting. It was also extra fun because Mark is besties with one of my other grooms! You may remember Shawn from this incredible wedding from January. So it felt a little like we were bringing the whole gang back together again!

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Palm Leaf Soap DIY

Happy Friday friends!!! Man, this week has flown by! Probably because I spent half of it on a mini getaway in Carpinteria (yay!) I need to remind myself to do more of those. Just a couple of days to sit in the sun and get lost in a book.

Anyways, I’ve been dying to share these little guys with you. I got the idea from A Beautiful Mess – so this is totally not original – but I’ve been making soap for years so I thought I would test it out and tell you guys how it went. Because sometimes, those Pinterest worthy DIY’s are not for the faint of heart and don’t always turn out… or are a complete disasters. So here is my full report!

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Mastering the Wedding Registry

You may not be planning a wedding this year… yet somehow you are finding yourself scouring the internet on all the dos and don’ts for being a wedding guest. You’ve been invited to 5 different weddings this year – all at different venues, some are using an online rsvp system, some require you to mail in your meal choice. Some are on the beach, some are at a fancy hotel. Some are at a warehouse in the middle of the city and you’re not sure if you want to leave your car with valet at all… and don’t get us started on the dress code for all of these events!

Photo via: Zola

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